Photos from South Carolina to Washington D.C.
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Late September and Early October found us in Charleston, South Carolina. Pam and I came in third in the 40's Mixed Doubles Inter-sectionals. Pam came in 3rd in the Women's 40's Doubles out of a group of 13 Sections competing for the title. The losses in mixed came at the hands of Florida in a closely contested tie breaker in the first set followed by a crushing loss to Southern (6-1, 6-0) who won the all their 40's matches with ease.  Pam and Myrah Kim's only Women's doubles loss came at the hand of the Southern Section who came in first in the tournament winning the finals 6-1, 6-0.

We  traveled up the coast to Washington D.C., Smithsonian, Museums, then stopped in at Uncle Vincent and Aunt Jean's in Baltimore before heading to Uncle Jim and Aunt Evelyn's in New York. The kids and I came back home to Maui, Hawaii as Pam traveled to Pensacola, Florida to the 40 National Clay Courts.


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