Firenze (Florence)
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  We head down from Scarperia to Firenza.  On the way I stop and look at some of the terraced vineyards along the way.  Late September is harvest time here in Tuscany.  The countryside is covered in grapevines and sunflowers. Each town I pass through has a church. Many have castles dating back to the 1200's.  Many towns have shops selling fruits and vegetables, a meat market, a bakery, and all the individual specialty shops for the people to buy the fresh items for dinner each day.

The Tuscan countryside looks as though it hasn't changed in the past 500 years.  Most of the buildings are stone and some of the bridges must have been built by the Romans back 2000 years ago.

I travel into Lake Como area after Firenze.  The city has been nice but the countryside is where we want to be.  Ian caught a great big fish by hand in the lake where we are staying. We took a day to horseback ride though the countryside. Driving a car in Firenze should be left to the strong willed drivers only.  Florence has the worst drivers in the world.