Tahoe In December

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The kids really got into snow skiing and snowboarding last winter.  So again this year we head to Tahoe for two weeks of snow. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we'll actually get to ski.  Got up to Tahoe on Sunday night in the midst of a snow storm on the summit. Hitting the slopes of Northstar Ski Resort for the next few days. Here we are on the lodge deck at Northstar with family skiing with my brothers' Denis and Jack.

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We've been skiing now for three days. Ian continues to improve his parallel form while Aryn gains confidence at skiing at faster speeds. Wish it would snow again since it would be nice to ski some new powder.


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There has been no snow since Sunday. By Friday, 12/17/99, conditions were extremely warm, wet and icy on the slopes. We have decided to head to San Francisco early for the last three days of our stay. Follow us to San Francisco.

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