In California
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Ran into Tony Lerma of America's Best Karate in Danville. Kids and I talked about the old times in Tae Kwon Do school. Wondered what degree black belt we'd all be if we had continued. Out on the town in So. California with the family. Here we are at "The Rock Bottom Brewery" in Irvine ordering twice as much food as we could eat.  Everyone left feeling we would never eat again. However, the next day, after sleeping in till 10:00am we actually ate again.
 Sarah and Aryn get ready to race their cars at the track. We found out both Sarah and Aryn have a lead foot when it comes to driving.  Both refuse to use a brake and  believe the motto " PEDAL TO THE METAL".

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Sarah & Aryn play.JPG (65088 bytes)Sarah_determined.JPG (90799 bytes)It was soccer goalie game against Sarah and Aryn.  Who won is apparent in the smiles of the victors.
It is Jennifer's apartment.  Also Pam's sister Vicky's miracle baby Megan on Ian's lap.Megan group.JPG (83624 bytes)Jenny's Apartment.JPG (64628 bytes)