Looking Around Sydney
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Here we are at Fox Studios Australia.  A great place to just hang out! The area is near the cricket stadium in Sydney.  It is a good place to catch a movie, or other form of entertainment (as they are currently hosting a production of "Cats"), clubs with bands, stores, restaurants, sports stores, and production houses for web television shows and a Sony Display Store showing off all of Sony's electronics for hands on fun.  A walk through the park at the back of our hotel leads us to the Sydney Bridge and Opera House.

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On the ground are cockatoos while in the trees are bats. The night sky is filled with wave upon wave of these flying fruit bats.  The kids just loved it! The park has flocks of wild cockatoos being hand fed by people having lunch.

Heading for the Australian Wildlife Park Jan 8, 2000. It is an hours train ride from downtown Sydney.  Please see the great photos from the park where we pet koalas, shear sheep, and hold snakes.

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in park.JPG (141082 bytes)We tour the Sydney Bridge, Opera House, Sydney Aquarium, Darling Harbour, and the Botanical Gardens.


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