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Andy Roddick working a backhand against Younes El Ayounoui

Andy used a mental timeout to break the concentration of Younes. Giving his racquet to the ball boys at 19-19 in the 5th set broke the mental concentration of El Ayounoui. Younes lost the next game and Andy held to win the match 21-19.

Agassi punishes a forehand.

Andre has been just too good for anyone. Nicholas Escude pushed Agassi by hitting extremely agressive returns and closing on the short defensive balls. This worked for a while but Escude was not in good enough shape to weather 5 sets as Agassi took the match in four. Nicholas may not have had the legs for five sets if it went that far.

Justine Henin-Hardenne punished Anna K with her serve.

Justine is known for her body strength. Henin-Hardenne, one of the smallest players on the women's tour used her agressive style and strong groundstrokes to punish Anna Kournakova at the Australian Open.

Anna Kournakova attempts to hit a forehand.

Anna K was not ready to play the Australian Open. Her strength, speed and singles court sense was questionable during her short appearance in the singles.

Anna Kournakova (Korn Flake) loses quickly to Justine Henin-Hardenne 6-0, 6-1 in the second round.

The talk at the Australian Open is if Anna uses her racquet as a fashion accessory or as weapon. Anna showed pure rust in serving and hitting forehands.

Jennifer Capriatti strikes a forehand.

Jennifer is working on a new serve again. This year shows Jennifer choosing not to look at the service box when serving. Jennifer ended up allowing Marlene to camp on her serves as she served almost all her serves between 139 km and 151 km all match long.

Marlene Weingartner upsets Jennifer Capriatti in her first round match 2-6,7-6(6), 6-4.

Marlene should not have controlled groundstrokes against Capriatti. Jennifer either was still having problems seeing the ball, or, Weingartner just had a great day returning Jennifer's serve.

Roger Federer controlling the match in his first round win.

Roger is one of the greatest shot makers on the tour. He makes great shots look easy. His speed is first class and game makes him a future Grand Slam winner. Roger may think too much. He seems to have so many shots in his game and so many options on many points he over thinks matches instead of keeping his great game simple enough to just win.

Mark Philipppoussis drives his backhand.

Mark looked better than he has in years. Hopefully, the nagging injuries he has had in the past few years are behind him. If Mark is ready to be serious and keep physically fit he is ready to start living up to his potential of being a slam winner.

Serena has been walking through the draw.

Serena will need to pick up the quality of her play to advance past the quarters. Her play has been filled with unforced forehand errors. Her opponents have, however, been less than error free themselves as they show fear of playing against the #1 woman player in the world.

Serena shows excellent footwork.

Serena Williams does the "Serena Shuffle" after every ball she hits. It starts with the strike of the ball followed immediately by two quick steps. These steps can be to move back into the correct position on court, or a double step just to keep on her toes. The next two steps are used to either move forward into a more agressive position on the court (depending on the ability of her opponent to play the ball she hit) or a retreating step behind the baseline so that she can buy time to move forward again on her next ground stroke.

Scichaphan's impressive backhand.

With a backhand that is world class and speed to burn the latest colt in the Octagon stable is ready to be a threat in every Grand Slam draw.

Venus wearing her lucky "Let Cap"

During the Venus Williams vs Nichol Pratt (round 16)match Nichol had Venus 12 feet behind the baseline scrambling for a backhand crosscourt. While hitting the defensive lob, over Nicole's baseline, Venus's hat fell from her head. The chair umpire called a let. Nichol Pratt had thought she had won the point.

James Blake returns against Alberto Costa.

James Blake wearing a stylish Nike sleeveless shirt. Tommy Haas attempted to wear this same style shirt at Arthur Ashe Stadium this September at the US Open. He was politetly told to change to a collared and sleeved shirt. The tour has since then changed it's policy on the style in 2003.

Lindsay Davenport could not find a first serve.

Davenport lost to Henin-Hardenne 5-7, 7-5, 7-9. Justine called trainers twice in the match. Justine was allowed evauation time and three minutes. In second set Justine cramped in left thigh. She complaining of a blister on her right foot. With the score 7-7 in the 3rd, and Justine serving 0-15, Justine left thigh cramped. She received another 3+ minutes. Should players be allowed medical timeouts for loss of condition?