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We checked into Sinesta Hotel at Poggio del Medici Country Club and played some golf.  The country club is located on the outskirts of Scarperia.  Scarperia is noted for making knives. Scarperia is another town which was lost in time somewhere.  The village streets look as though they have not changed since the 1200's.  We found a castle in the center of town with small shops selling knives, meats, wine and bread.  The church across the square from the castle was built in the 700's.  Along with the old portion of town is the newer portion. The new portion of town has a racetrack where formula one race cars, a Ferrari test track, and high speed motorcycle races are held each week.  From all over the town you can hear the sounds of motors going through their gears at high speed and the sounds of racecars and speed bikes shifting in and out through hairpin turns of the track only to gun the engines down the straightway.

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