Tennis at White City Tennis Club
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NSW Tennis Association.JPG (95504 bytes)We headed out to the White City Lawn Tennis Club. We were graciously allowed to play at the members only club. It felt as though we were in the halls of tennis history. On the walls were the pictures of past champions such as Laver, Roach, Sampras, Everet, Navratalova,...  Plaques of past winners went back to 1885.  Patrick Rafter was working out on stadium court while Lindsay Davenport was hitting on an outer court.  We took a side court and played some lawn tennis. Lawn tennis is alive and well in Australia!

Stadium at NSWLTC.JPG (86449 bytes)A view of the grass courts.JPG (62158 bytes)view from the bar.JPG (80643 bytes)

White City Pro Shop.JPG (98858 bytes)Pam hits.JPG (109370 bytes)Ian hits.JPG (110443 bytes)

Pam_points_at_Art_Larsens_name_1950.JPG (97149 bytes)Looking through the New South Wales Lawn Tennis Association hallway we came across Art "Tappy" Larsen's name.  Art won the tournament back in 1950. Art was inducted a few years back into the ITF Hall of Fame.  Pam and I remember Art from Tanglewood Tennis Club, where Pam and I met. Art used to play with Ian and Aryn when they were just babies. He'd bounce them on his lap as Pam played the finals in the Open Singles, Doubles and Mixed. Come to think of it, last time he played with them Pam won the Open Singles, Open Doubles and Open Mixed Doubles.  Some of Art's magic must have rubbed off on Pam. I just heard from someone on the WWW Art is alive and well. Art, if you read this- "Hello from the Cooke's."
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