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Sometimes we are traveling from tennis tournament to tennis tournament  in Hawaii.  Here we are pictured having breakfast at the beautiful Hanalei Resort on Kauai. 

  Go to Kapalua ResortDscn0003.jpg (780637 bytes) Sometimes just kicking back at home in Kahana is all that is really needed.



Dcp00315.jpg (302044 bytes)Here Ian and Floyd Barnes share some stories about tennis at Floyd and Georgia's home in Kona, Hawaii

Dcp00316.jpg (356528 bytes)Georgia, Pam and Aryn relax on the couch while I take all the pictures.


Pizza at BJ's.jpg (370699 bytes)Here we are back in Lahaina having food where the kids enjoy the most; pizza at BJ's.  Still the fun of Hawaii is the year round tennis, golf, scuba, beaching, surfing and just having a good time.

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Here we are barbequing at Canoe Beach with the Pasqual family.  Canoe beach in Kaanapali holds outrigger canoe races all summer long.  Sitting close by at the picnic tables you can watch the event, swim, fish and just "talk story".

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Kapalua is constantly having concerts.  On November 14, 1999 Michael McDonald and Christopher Cross were here performing for a small group. What a great concert!

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Here we are at the bar in Roy's Restaurant at Waikoloa Kings Shops. Ian and I enjoy their signature dessert: chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream.
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On Poipu Beach catching some sun and fun while waiting for the next round on the tournament.
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Aryn and Pam enjoy a little sun while visiting Kona during the Kona Coffee Celebration and Fair.